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Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your 1st, 5th, or 10th Year

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Your wedding anniversary is a great way to make those promises you made to one another come alive for yet another year. While anniversaries should be momentous every year, some are simply extra special. Here are some anniversary gift ideas to show your significant other just how much they mean to you.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Those Landmark Years

Certain anniversaries ask to be celebrated in style. More than the celebration itself, it’s about showing your love in the form of meaningful gestures. The perfect way to convey your emotions can range from a thoughtful memento to a memorable experience. 

First Anniversary Gifts

The first anniversary is wonderful. You’re still reeling from the romance and enjoying the prolonged honeymoon. The traditional gift is something made of paper. Here are some ways to say cheers.

A Romantic Getaway

Surprise your partner: channel that youthful magic and take off. You can go away for the night or the weekend, depending on your time and budget. Plan a getaway based on your shared interests. Amazing options include a nature trail for those with a love for the outdoors, a visit to the vineyard for a carefree tipple, or a beach holiday if the sun beckons you. Any kind of ticket counts as paper. 

Couple riding bikes on a trip as an anniversary gift

A Ritual

This is a great opportunity to start an anniversary ritual. One option is to write each other an anniversary note and exchange it over a bottle of wine. You can pack away a bottle and a letter for the next year on your anniversary and prepare for a follow-up letter every subsequent year.

A Look Ahead

This is your first year, and it’s bound to be filled with scintillating memories. Get prints of your most special moments and create a personalized calendar for the coming year. This way, you have all your important days marked together as a couple! Added bonus: you’re less likely to forget your second anniversary. 

Fifth Anniversary Gift Ideas

Halfway to a decade, eh? The occasion calls for something momentous. The traditional gift is wood, but…

Spa Day

Take the day off to bring yourselves closer to each other with a couple’s spa. Indulge one another in some TLC and let extravagance be the order of the day. Most spas have wood panelling, wooden saunas… you get the idea.

Etch It

Etch your togetherness by putting your names on personalized jewellery, on a tile or wooden panel in your favourite part of home, or—if you feel up to it—get yourselves inked!

Tenth Anniversary Presents

You’ve made it to a fairly grand milestone, so we think it’s time to pull out all the stops. Tradition calls for aluminum or tin, but surely you can do better. 

Renew Your Vows

Renew your original wedding vows or write new ones. Other great options include recreating your first day as a married couple or going back to recreate a first date.

Nostalgia Trip Video

Get whoever can help you turn all those little videos you keep filming around the house into a cute little film to show your partner the silly and candid things that fill your days. Add some of that footage from family visits, travels, and some favourite moments from your closest friends. 

couple dancing in the woods

Strike a Pose

Find a professional to take some photographs and make lasting memories for the future. Surprise your spouse by taking them to a serene location where this little photoshoot makes them feel an even deeper connection with you and the place you call home. We listed some amazing photographers in our recent engagement gifts article. You can create a whole album of photos of the two of you together or frame the best ones to put around your home. 

A marriage has special moments every day, fuelled by your commitment. Anniversaries are just that perfect excuse that reminds us that it takes very little effort to indulge in the happiness you’ve found. What are you choosing to do this year?

If you need any help planning an event: engagement, anniversary, wedding, birthday, just let us know. We would love to help you create a forever memory.

March 30, 2022 By Domenica Kozy

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