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Your Perfect Backyard Wedding: What You Need To Know

backyard wedding with white tablecloths and hanging lights in trees

A backyard wedding may be your ideal choice if you are wanting a simple and somewhat intimate event. If so, there are still several things to consider. First, remember that you are not limited to your own or a friend/family member’s yard. There is a big difference between getting married in your backyard and having a “backyard wedding.” If you know someone who has an idyllic yard or garden then by all means ask if they’ll let you host your wedding there. If you don’t have ready access to a great location, you might consider renting an estate property that has the charm and style of a wedding in your own backyard. Of course, the location depends on what is available to you and how many guests you are planning on having, but there are some important things to keep in mind that can apply to most backyard celebrations. Read on to get some tips, tricks and advice on the benefits and logistics of a backyard or garden wedding.

Budgeting a Backyard Wedding

Many people think that a backyard wedding saves a lot of money – and it can – but this doesn’t automatically mean you can splurge on everything else. If you don’t budget properly you can end up spending a lot of money that you simply don’t need to. That being said, when you don’t have to pay for a venue (or can substantially reduce the rental cost) or worry about security deposits, you’re saving roughly 50% of a typical wedding budget. So, with careful planning you definitely have the opportunity to spend a little bit more here and there. Keep in mind that the cost of your wedding will generally be decided by how many people are attending. More people equals more food, more chairs, more glassware, more alcohol; more of everything means more money spent.

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Can you think of anything more disruptive and embarrassing (not to mention the additional unexpected costs) on your wedding day than having your party crashed by the cops for bylaw infractions?  Though your own/your friend’s/your parent’s backyard is private property, there are still fire codes, health regulations, zoning issues, parking permits and noise ordinances that you must comply with. We recommend contacting your city through its municipal website plenty of time in advance to find out exactly what permits and paperwork you need to have before your big day.


You will also want to let the neighbours know about your wedding day a month or so in advance. If you are going door-to-door, it is nice to provide them with a schedule of your day so they can rearrange their plans if needed, and maybe even plan a night away! Give them as much information as you can to ease their concerns, such as where people will be parking and how late you are planning on playing music (according to the municipal bylaws). Don’t forget that showing appreciation for your neighbour’s patience can go a long way and offering them some treats, baked goods or a bottle of wine doesn’t hurt either. Here’s one of those areas you might want to spend a little of the savings from lowering your venue cost.

Lighting & Electrical

Not many homes are equipped to power catering companies’ food prep equipment, DJ sound systems or outdoor light fixtures that stay on all night. You definitely have to look into renting a generator (or many!) so you don’t risk leaving your friends in the dark and putting the entire neighbourhood into a power outage. You’ll have to figure out how much power each of your vendors and rental companies need, then find a generator rental company that will help you choose the (quietest and lowest-emission) power source to accommodate.


The idea of having complete control of your decorations, free of the somewhat restrictive colour or style of a traditional wedding venue, and creating your very own design and colour palette can be overwhelming. Keep it simple by drawing from the organic colours surrounding you – earthy tones can be quite stunning – or you can be a little more bold and pick an accent colour to sprinkle into bouquets, linen or decor. What is wonderful about a backyard wedding is that it can be anything you want. You don’t even need to decorate if you don’t want to. Simple strings of lights, whether whimsical or a little more sophisticated, add to the sparkling excitement of your wedding!

Your wedding should represent you. It ought to be a reflection of you and your partner’s relationship, of your favourite things and what the two of you value most. When you take a step back and consider what is really important to you, the answer is often spending quality time together with family and friends. And where better to do that than in yours or a family/friend’s backyard?

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August 11, 2021 By Domenica Kozy

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