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Outdoor forest wedding by a lake in Vancouver BC

Are you ready to tie the knot and looking to create a unique event? An outdoor wedding can be the perfect solution for a truly memorable experience. We’re lucky enough to have so many stunning locations in British Columbia that are perfect for special moments, so we’ve listed some of the best outstanding outdoor and forest wedding venues near Vancouver, BC.

Outdoor and Forest Wedding Venues Around Vancouver

Island Lake Lodge (Fernie)

Find mountains, 800-year-old trees, and a beautiful lake to set the scene for your wedding in historic Fernie, available for use year-round. This outdoor wedding venue near Vancouver has everything you need for an elevated experience, while still feeling connected to nature with its epic surroundings.


Island lake lodge wedding venue in Fernie BC

Make use of the spa and massage options, as well as nearby hiking and biking trails to make the most of your time here. Yes, there’s only one wedding day, but if you can afford a few days away with some of your favourite people, why not? They also have yoga with goats, if you’re that sort of person.

Maan Farms (Abbostford)

Maan Farms is a perfect place to celebrate your love during spring, summer and fall, where you can choose between a ceremony by their strawberry fields or a heritage walnut tree. Alongside the scenic backdrops for the ceremony, your reception can take place in their antique barn which has been restored to create a special space that can hold up to 150 guests.

Earthwise Society Agassiz (Delta)

Earthwise Society is an organic working farm with endless possibilities for your special day. Whether you say ‘I Do’ beneath their forest canopy or with their mountain backdrop, the friendly team love to accommodate your requests to make the day truly about you and your loved one.

agassiz cedar grove outdoor wedding venue near vancouver BC


There is also wonderful seasonal produce for delicious meals and appetizers, providing a quality farm-to-table experience. This outdoor wedding venue is a more affordable option for hosting.

Sunwolf (Squamish)

Exchange vows at a family-run venue with boutique accommodation, all set within a five-acre woodland in Squamish. Even though the location feels totally remote it is only an hour drive from downtown Vancouver. Sunwolf has been praised for its relaxing and festival atmosphere, tied in with the perfect balance of down-to-earth luxury feel.

Nita Lake Lodge (Whistler)

Head to the snowy mountains in Whistler to wed at a nationally recognized wedding destination with various outdoor ceremony spaces to choose from. Not only will you have your wedding in a striking outdoor landscape, they also have bridal spa services and an executive chef to create a personalized menu for the event. For a true luxury event, Nita Lake Lodge has everything you need for the ultimate outdoor wedding.

Bodega Ridge (Galliano Island)

Tie the knot on the bluffs of Galliano Island to celebrate in serene surroundings with ocean views. Part of the incredible location also boasts coastal cuisine using organic ingredients from a Galliano farm, and a BC-centric wine list. If you’re looking for something secluded and intimate, they also have a lovely option of a fully private space just for elopements.

Outdoor and Forest Wedding Venues on Vancouver Island, BC

Sea Cider (Vancouver Island)

Close to downtown Victoria on Vancouver Island, Sea Cider offers panoramic sea views and a woodland, creating a magical scene for a west coast wedding day.

Sea cider wedding venue vancouver island

The team has access to many quality local resources for catering assistance, and to suit different tastes and budgets, making it a popular place for an outdoor wedding venue. Don’t forget to sample their very own award-winning organic cider!

Cedar Haven Weddings (Vancouver Island)

If you’ve dreamed of a true forest wedding with a wow factor, then look no further! Cedar Haven Weddings is a private property nestled within an old growth forest on Vancouver Island. With everything you need to create the perfect rustic setting, this forest wedding venue has all the magical vibes for a memorable experience and perfect setup for your wedding day photographs.

Creating forever memories is what we’re most passionate about, and that all starts with organizing your dream event! Contact us for a free consultation to learn about how we can take care of your wedding day from start to finish. We can’t wait to hear from you!

If this article got you thinking, you can find our earlier article on Vancouver wedding venues too.

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a groom holding up his bride's wedding dress at a 2022 wedding

Congratulations, you’re planning a wedding! There are many things about your day that you can delegate to your partner or event planner, but (luckily) wedding dress shopping is not one of them. Odds are you already have an idea of what kind of dress you like, whether you have been scouring pinterest since you were 14 or you ended up watching Say Yes to the Dress when you claimed there was nothing better on TV.

It is so exciting to think that your perfect dream dress is out there waiting for you, but there are so many choices that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Wedding dress shopping should be a day (or weekend!) where you feel happy, loved, and absolutely beautiful. To make planning this event as stress free and fun as possible, we’ve done the research and put together the top 6 most important tips from brides and wedding planners to have the most success finding your dream wedding dress.

Research Types of Wedding Dress

We don’t mean staying-up-all-night-writing-your-thesis type of research, just spend a bit of time on pinterest and online dress websites so you have an idea of what kinds of dresses you like. Knowing the difference between a mermaid-style dress and a fit and flare dress is much simpler than trying to describe (or draw!) a shape when you get to the bridal shop.

several different wedding dresses ready to buy and try on

Bring some photos, know what you like and what you don’t like, but don’t overplan and certainly don’t rule anything out. Let yourself be surprised if you end up liking something that looks nothing like what you thought you wanted. Being open to trying different styles and colours will help you feel more confident that when you find the one, you’ll know.

Plan Your Hunt for the Perfect Wedding Dress

Making an appointment with a bridal consultant 9-12 months before the big day ensures you have enough time not only to find your wedding dress but also to alter it, which is often what takes the most time. Planning appointments within days of each other (or making a weekend out of it!) is recommended so the dresses you have tried on are fresh in your mind. You will also want to call the bridal shop before your appointment to let them know what styles you like. That way, they can have some dresses ready for you before you arrive. If you have a specific gown in mind find out if they have it ahead of time and let them know.

When you call the bridal salon, make sure you also ask about their COVID-19 precautions and protocol. Ask how many people you are welcome to bring, whether or not you need to wear a mask the entire time (and if they offer complimentary neutral-toned ones) and whether or not they have sanitizing wipes available for you to use.

Be Prepared

There is nothing worse than getting somewhere and realizing you forgot something you needed. This is why packing a special “dress shopping” bag is so important and will help ease your stress. In it you want to make sure you have:

—underwear and a bra similar to what you think you’ll be wearing on your wedding day

—heels similar in height to the ones you will be wearing

—a simple neutral-coloured mask that won’t draw attention away from you or the dresses

—any accessories you are thinking of wearing on your wedding day, especially if you want to build your look around a specific item or piece of jewelry

—your favourite snack

—any hair products you might need to touch up your look

—your favourite hand sanitizer—preferably one that does not leave residue on your hands

—anything else you think you might want to bring

If there is a remote chance you might need something, bring it. You’re always better safe than sorry. (Better make it a big bag!)

Get Excited!

This day is all about you, so if you have the opportunity to plan an entire day for yourself, do it!

Have your hair and makeup done in a way similar to what you would like on your big day. Accuracy is not important here, it’s more about the style (hair down/updo/half up, half down etc.) and feeling confident and beautiful. You don’t want to be hungry when dress shopping so make sure to eat and to do something fun before your appointment. It is so important to be in the right mindset and to feel good about yourself when you’re trying on dresses. You also want to choose your posse carefully; bring people you have fun with who have your best interest at heart.

Document Each Dress

Take pictures! Take notes! Have someone take one or two good pictures of you in all the dresses you try on and don’t delete any. As you are trying them on, sort them into different folders so you can show bridal stylists which you like and which you dislike. It also helps to come up with nicknames so you can refer to dresses quickly within your group.

Trust Your Gut

This is the most important piece of advice you will ever receive about your wedding. Trust your gut. No one knows you better than you know yourself and if you get a good or bad feeling about any dress, trust it. At the end of the day your feelings and opinions are the only ones that matter. Your wedding, your dress, your decision.

Unfortunately, trying on wedding dresses and feeling beautiful is not the only thing you need to do before getting married. (How amazing would that be though?!) Thankfully, YouForever is here to guide you step-by-step with ideas and planning because we want to make sure that the day you marry your forever person will become a forever memory.

Whether it’s a wedding, rehearsal dinner, engagement or anniversary, birthday or graduation, get in touch today and let’s plan your perfect day!

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Day of wedding coordinator

Wedding planners wear many hats, and one of the most vital is that of day-of wedding coordinator. This role is essential in making sure your special day goes off without a single unplanned surprise.

What is a Day-of Wedding Coordinator?

Your big day is about you and your partner. The coordinator’s main job is to make sure you do nothing but enjoy the day in whatever way you choose. They achieve this by planning and coordinating the wedding in advance and being there on the day to see it happens in the correct sequence.

A Wedding Coordinator’s Duties

  • Oversees the wedding rehearsal.
  • Creates a detailed itinerary and floor plan.
  • Acts as your point person on the wedding day.
  • Addresses any last-minute details and additions.
  • Checks in with the vendors to review their contracts and confirm logistics.
  • Helps to organize and transfer items from the ceremony to the reception.
  • Does a final walkthrough of the ceremony and reception venues.


Mr and mrs signs on chairs at a wedding

Photo by Guanfranco G on Unsplash

What’s the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner?

While a wedding planner helps you plan the whole affair from the get go, a wedding coordinator will be there with you from four to eight weeks before the wedding. They check all of the details in the lead up to the wedding, confirming vendors, seating plans, timings, and anything else either you or your event planner have decided on. They will then attend on the day of and coordinate the wedding so that your only job is to have an incredible day.

When to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

It fits your budget

Budget naturally plays a role in all aspects of wedding planning. Hiring a full-service wedding planner means someone is by your side at every stage of planning and on the day. But, if you can’t afford a full-service planner, a coordinator can be more cost effective. If it’s within budget, hiring a wedding coordinator will make the event effortless for you. You part with the money so that any last-minute problems fall on someone else’s shoulders.

You just want to relax on the day

You can start your day relaxing, having an easy breakfast, getting your hair just right, taking the time to enjoy a drink with your bridal party or groomsmen as you get ready, then allow yourself to be guided through the day carefree.

Your wedding calls for it

If you’re having an intimate backyard wedding and your uncle is manning the bar, you probably don’t need a coordinator. However, if you’re looking to wrangle over a hundred guests at a large venue, have a bunch of musical cues, multiple hired caterers, or a handful of musicians, you may need someone to spin all those plates.

You’ve chosen an untraditional venue

The staff at traditional wedding venues know how to go with the flow of a big day with little supervision. If you’ve chosen a location that doesn’t regularly host weddings you might need a coordinator to organize the staff.

You’ve planned the event yourselves

Some couples will opt to plan their own wedding and then pass off the logistics to the day-of coordinator a month or two before the wedding. Despite your best efforts, you probably haven’t thought of everything and this is where a coordinator can tie up and last-minute loose ends.

So, do you think a coordinator fits with your plans, or a full-service wedding planner? At You Forever, we can do both. Get in touch with us today and let’s get started!

And, if you’re newly engaged, take a look at our next article on choosing the perfect wedding dress.

couple smiling and happy contemplating anniversary gift ideas

Your wedding anniversary is a great way to make those promises you made to one another come alive for yet another year. While anniversaries should be momentous every year, some are simply extra special. Here are some anniversary gift ideas to show your significant other just how much they mean to you.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Those Landmark Years

Certain anniversaries ask to be celebrated in style. More than the celebration itself, it’s about showing your love in the form of meaningful gestures. The perfect way to convey your emotions can range from a thoughtful memento to a memorable experience. 

First Anniversary Gifts

The first anniversary is wonderful. You’re still reeling from the romance and enjoying the prolonged honeymoon. The traditional gift is something made of paper. Here are some ways to say cheers.

A Romantic Getaway

Surprise your partner: channel that youthful magic and take off. You can go away for the night or the weekend, depending on your time and budget. Plan a getaway based on your shared interests. Amazing options include a nature trail for those with a love for the outdoors, a visit to the vineyard for a carefree tipple, or a beach holiday if the sun beckons you. Any kind of ticket counts as paper. 

Couple riding bikes on a trip as an anniversary gift

A Ritual

This is a great opportunity to start an anniversary ritual. One option is to write each other an anniversary note and exchange it over a bottle of wine. You can pack away a bottle and a letter for the next year on your anniversary and prepare for a follow-up letter every subsequent year.

A Look Ahead

This is your first year, and it’s bound to be filled with scintillating memories. Get prints of your most special moments and create a personalized calendar for the coming year. This way, you have all your important days marked together as a couple! Added bonus: you’re less likely to forget your second anniversary. 

Fifth Anniversary Gift Ideas

Halfway to a decade, eh? The occasion calls for something momentous. The traditional gift is wood, but…

Spa Day

Take the day off to bring yourselves closer to each other with a couple’s spa. Indulge one another in some TLC and let extravagance be the order of the day. Most spas have wood panelling, wooden saunas… you get the idea.

Etch It

Etch your togetherness by putting your names on personalized jewellery, on a tile or wooden panel in your favourite part of home, or—if you feel up to it—get yourselves inked!

Tenth Anniversary Presents

You’ve made it to a fairly grand milestone, so we think it’s time to pull out all the stops. Tradition calls for aluminum or tin, but surely you can do better. 

Renew Your Vows

Renew your original wedding vows or write new ones. Other great options include recreating your first day as a married couple or going back to recreate a first date.

Nostalgia Trip Video

Get whoever can help you turn all those little videos you keep filming around the house into a cute little film to show your partner the silly and candid things that fill your days. Add some of that footage from family visits, travels, and some favourite moments from your closest friends. 

couple dancing in the woods

Strike a Pose

Find a professional to take some photographs and make lasting memories for the future. Surprise your spouse by taking them to a serene location where this little photoshoot makes them feel an even deeper connection with you and the place you call home. We listed some amazing photographers in our recent engagement gifts article. You can create a whole album of photos of the two of you together or frame the best ones to put around your home. 

A marriage has special moments every day, fuelled by your commitment. Anniversaries are just that perfect excuse that reminds us that it takes very little effort to indulge in the happiness you’ve found. What are you choosing to do this year?

If you need any help planning an event: engagement, anniversary, wedding, birthday, just let us know. We would love to help you create a forever memory.

Engagement Gift Ideas including a mug, a book and some flowers

Know someone who’s getting married this year? Congratulate the happy couple by spoiling them with a gift at their engagement party! There are no strict rules, so feel free to go big and splurge or keep it small and simple. Whatever you’re thinking of doing, take a look at the engagement gift ideas below for inspiration.

Bespoke Bouquet

You can’t go wrong with sending a big bunch of flowers to make the engaged couple smile! With so many different colours and flowers to choose from, the florist can create pretty much anything to match your taste.

Google nearby florists in your area, or take a look at free-spirited Vancouver florist Wild Bunch or botanical-inspired Celsia Floral for something beautiful and memorable. If flowers aren’t really their thing, consider getting them a plant for their home that they can watch grow.

A Romantic Book

Books for couples are going to be big this year. A quick browse on Amazon or in your nearest bookstore will surprise you with all kinds of romantic reads perfect for anyone about to tie the knot!

Romantic book with flowers on a table

Image by Debby Hudson on Unsplash.

Leslie Koren’s Love Rituals offers readers meaningful ways to enhance their relationships through daily gestures and fun date night ideas. Or consider a book where they can write down their new favourite memories, such as As We Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Married Couples by Korie Herold.

Luxury Spa Gift Card

The gift of an experience is increasingly becoming the most popular way to show you care. We’re all about special moments, so we think it’s a wonderful way for you to gift something that will create an everlasting memory.

Gifting a spa card will be a thoughtful gift because although it is an exciting time for the happy pair, they will definitely have some stressful moments ahead during their wedding planning and preparations. Check out these gift card ideas from Vancouver-based hotel Shangri-La or the Scandinave Spa in beautiful Whistler.

Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Buy something the happy couple can use in their new home together, and everyone loves a cheese and wine night! Buying something like a cheese board will be a great addition to their home, where they can enjoy creating new moments with loved ones around the table.

We found this stylish cheese board made of oak or add a personal touch by getting an engraving of their names or a message from Etsy, like this one here.

Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas

Sometimes you want to add a special touch to a gift you’re buying for someone. It shows them that you’ve put extra thought into what you chose for them which goes a long way. We found this beautiful personalized candle they can enjoy in their home. Or, if your engaged friends are the outdoorsy type, choose a pair of matching camping mugs and they can use them for their adventures together in the years to come!

Photoshoot Experience

Help the excited couple capture this special milestone in their relationship by purchasing a gift card from a local photographer. Google search local photographers near you, or take a look at some of our favourites. TMC Weddings take stunning couple shots all over Canada. Julia Loglisci has a beautiful portfolio of black and white work. Isle + Oak take intimate shots in natural settings. Three Sisters Photography use incredible BC scenery as a backdrop while still keeping the images personal. With an engagement shoot, your loved ones will not only have photographs to cherish but will be a romantic memory to look back on too.

Couple have a romantic photoshoot in Sedona

Image by Nathan McBride on Unsplash.

Feeling more confident buying an engagement gift but stuck on organizing the engagement party? Check out our blog on Engagement Party Ideas for everything you need to know. Creating forever memories is what we do best, so contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you plan the event of a lifetime!

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event planner and bride at her wedding discussing the planning

The big event is coming, and you can’t wait; you’re full of excitable nerves. You’ve looked forward to it for months. Everyone you know is going to be there. The day arrives and it’s not exactly like you expected… it’s even better! A great event planner can walk you into a room with their hands over your eyes and blow you away. But to meet and outdo your expectations they need a few key qualities.

Empathy and Understanding First

What will make this occasion special for you? Your event planner will listen and understand. Their first job is getting to know you, or your loved one, or you and your partner as a couple. Then they can get started. Most people like cake, fine food, good lighting, popular music. Anyone can throw these generic elements together. Your planner will design the event around your tastes, the picture in your head, and make decisions based on your personality.

Event planner getting to know their client in a coffee shop

The Best Event Planners Are Versatile

Before, during, and after your event, your planner will be playing a lot of roles in your life. They understand the catering industry, they’re amateur therapists, professional crisis managers, financial planners, artists, florists, DJs, interior designers, they’re fairy godmothers and organizational wizards. That versatility is really what this article is about.

Organization Skills Are Key

Hosting an event is like cooking a large roast dinner. There are a bunch of elements that need different types of preparation and care, and most importantly each one needs to be timed perfectly to succeed. Having a head for organization is key to event planning.

They Love Networking

Ice sculptures, an authentic Vegas blackjack table, a petting zoo, a bounce house, a cake that a person can jump out of… you probably don’t know how to source any of these things. Your event planner does or knows someone who knows someone who does.

They’re Resilient and Adaptable

We’re here to alleviate your fears, but events are actually made up of a series of smaller events, any of which could go wrong. Hitches happen. The music might not go down when it’s time for speeches. The birthday girl might not be feeling the playlist. A dove might fly into Aunt Karen’s giant wedding hat. A great event planner will foresee most issues before they happen, and quick to rectify them if they do.

Resilience is about taking problems in your stride. Your planner will be at the event to take on any challenges that arise and keep everything running smoothly. The best ones remain calm, accept the situation, take a breath, and go to work at fixing it. An arrangement of roses fell apart: more colourful petals for the flower girl. The vegan main option wasn’t ordered: the planner has Ubereats on standby and is troubleshooting with the chef in the heat of the kitchen. Becky’s Sweet 16 cake says, “Happy Birthday Debbie,”: some whipped cream magic and it now only says “Happy Birthday,” and you’ll be getting 50% off from the baker. Resilience and adaptability at work.

They Have a Deep Understanding of Events

The point of you hiring an event planner is that you get to experience the special day rather than run it. Much like a film or a piece of music, events have high points and dips as they play out, which your planner will understand.

Event planner discussing upcoming wedding with the location manager

Take a wedding, for example. People get a drink and time to relax when they get to the reception. They are then seated, and the meal is brought out. Then speeches, because everyone is full, relaxed, and ready to sit for half an hour and have a good laugh or cry. Then more drinks and dancing. Simple, huh?

But, what if the meal was after the speeches? People would be scattered, distracted by hunger, and sneaking off to the bar. If there was a second or third round of drinks before the speeches and food, people might be too tipsy to enjoy both. This may seem basic, but every event needs considered forward planning in order to be a perfect day.

Imagination is Essential

Part of having imagination is seeing all aspects of the event ahead of time, as we touched on previously. But a party planner’s real imaginative spirit is put to work long before that, in the planning stage. You have an image in your head of the perfect event. Your planner will see it, understand it, and do you one better. They will take your ideas to the next level, imagining all the ways to make your day one you will never forget.

Event Planners Need Endless Creativity

Imagining is one thing; your event planner also has to turn their amazing concepts into a reality. No two events are the same. Or, at least, they don’t have to be. With a creative event planner adding special touches and bringing all of your daydreams into reality, your day can be personal to you and unlike any other party you’ve ever been to.

Feeling inspired? It just so happens we know some event planners with such a set of skills. Get in contact with You Forever today to discuss any upcoming event you think you might need help planning.

Couple entering their engagement party

It’s time to pop some bubbly and celebrate the news­–you’re getting married! The knee has been bent, the ring is on your finger, the “YES” has been emphatically stated. Planning an event is the perfect way to share your excitement with friends and family, and we’ve got great engagement party ideas below to help you get started.

Pick Your Host

First things first, decide who will be planning your engagement party event. It can be you and your partner, or anyone you both trust and who will be happy to arrange the details. They can deal with vendors and location managers, then do all of the heavy lifting of hosting the event so that you get to relax and enjoy it. If you’re looking to do something really special, this is the perfect moment to hire a party planner to create an event to remember.

Set the Date for Your Engagement Party

You’ll both be feeling excited from your good news, so we believe there is no time like the present to celebrate! Choose a date for the party that’s within the first few months of getting engaged. You want it to be close to the proposal to keep it relevant and before you all your focus is needed for planning a wedding­.

Create the Guestlist

It’s always best to have a smaller engagement party full of people you’ll be inviting to the wedding too. That way, you have a great place to start when planning your wedding guestlist. If someone else is hosting for you, always discuss the guests with them too so you’re happy with who will be joining the celebrations.

bridesmaids all putting their hands together in a show of support

Choose a Suitable Venue

Look for a venue that will have the right amount of space for all your guests and think about how formal or casual you want it to be. It might be a private function at a restaurant or hotel, or a smaller engagement party at your house. It could be somewhere that takes you back to a certain time in your relationship. If you’ve enlisted the help of a professional party planner, they’ll have helpful suggestions ready to help you choose!

Set Up a Gift Registry

As soon as your loved ones hear the good news, they will want to send you gifts to show they’re excited for you! It’s a great idea to set up gift registry and have it ready before the invites go out for your engagement party. Your guests will appreciate the organization and will help them know the best way to say congratulations.

Send Out Engagement Party Invitations

The invites should reflect the style of the event, so your guests know what style of event to expect. It will help them plan accordingly by dressing appropriately, knowing if they can bring their children, and if they can bring a date. Send out traditional paper invites or beautifully designed paperless invites using websites such as Paperless Post.

Give at least a month’s notice for an engagement party and remember to add the RSVP with a date. The RSVP date gives a deadline for you to know who will be attending in advance, which means less time spent following up with prospective guests, and more time to organize catering and other details.

Book Your Vendors

When you have an idea of guest numbers and have a venue booked, you or your host can arrange some of the fun details of the engagement party. Think about how you would like to set the scene. Maybe you like the idea of a themed event, or to keep it simple with some flower arrangements and candles for ambiance.

someone pouring a glass of champagne

More importantly, figure out what you’ll be feeding your guests. Depending on the size of your event, plan out a menu for a dinner event or appetizers for a more informal gathering. Also, if you’d like to capture all your loved ones being in one place, don’t forget to book a local event photographer!

Consider Special Moments

Your engagement party is the ideal time and place to formally ask your best man and maid of honour if they will be a part of your wedding, along with groomsmen and bridesmaids. If you have someone unconventional you would like to walk you down the aisle, or a loved one you might even want to preside over the wedding, that’s an option too. It’s up to you whether you want these to be intimate moments with the individuals or share the excitement with everyone.

Now you have the know-how to planning an engagement party, you might be excited to start organizing right away. If you’re looking for further guidance to make it happen, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to hear how we can make your event extra special!

If you enjoyed reading this, see our last post on how to make events eco-friendly.

hosting an eco-friendly event with recycling bins full by the beach

We’re all much more aware of our impact on the planet these days, so you might discuss eco-friendly events when you meet with an event planner. Planning a great event doesn’t mean you need to use endless single-use plastics or require throwing out a ton of waste. With some tips below, we’ll help you make some intentional choices for a successful and environmentally friendly celebration!

Choosing Sustainable Venues for Eco-Friendly Events

A great place to start is choosing a venue that values sustainability. Be bold and ask your potential venues what they are actively doing to help our planet. Ask who their suppliers or caterers are. Do they work with local and seasonal farms? And do they have ways of conserving water? The more emphasis on what they do to reduce the impact on the environment the better. If you want complete control over how eco-friendly your event is, consider a backyard celebration.

Go Plastic Free for a Green Event

Making some simple switches to plastic-free alternatives is an easy win for eco-friendly events. We’ve all seen the heartbreaking effects of plastic straws and bottles in the ocean, so swap plastic straws and cutlery for stainless steel, wood or paper.

stainless steel cutlery for eco-friendly events

Ditch balloons and opt for natural décor instead, like dried floral confetti or paper streamers. Rent glassware and dinnerware that can be washed and reused. Find out if you can buy food from a local farm that uses industry best practices. Make these choices and you are well on your way to an eco-friendly event!

Be Creative With Your Party Favours

A really fun part of planning events is choosing favours for your guests. Get your creative cap on and think about some small gestures that are both meaningful and something your guests can get excited about. Perhaps it could be something edible, like candies or gourmet snacks from sustainable sources and in reusable containers. You could also include customized, reusable bags or even flower seed packets for the bees! If you can find something that doubles up as a gift and benefits the environment, it will make you feel really positive about your choices.

Suggest Car Pooling or Travel Links

Have you thought about how you and your guests are going to arrive at the event? We all know that we need to avoid fossil fuels where possible to create a greener planet, so it’s definitely worth thinking about transportation. To reduce the number of cars being used, you could ask your guests to share cars. You could even give a small gift to the designated driver as an incentive. This will not only reduce the number of vehicles being used but will also make sure you have plenty of parking available too—a win-win for your eco-friendly event.

family on a bus

Alternatively, you could include train and bus links to your home when you invite people to plant the seed of attending without driving. The bonus here is that everyone coming can have a drink without worrying about driving.

Make Recycling a Team Effort

Depending on where you are having your event, express how important it is that venue staff and guests recycle throughout the day. Communicate by creating labelled areas and stations for your guests to place their separate items to be recycled. It could be for glass or even a place for composting your food waste. Explain that you would like everyone to be mindful about where they are throwing trash and not to litter. If you have already picked a venue with sustainable values, the waiting staff should already have this covered. Depending on the event, you may be handling clean up yourself; if you’re planning your event in Vancouver, you have plenty of places to recycle.

Share With Your Guests

You might have an abundance of food left over, or lots of arranged flowers sitting pretty that don’t deserve to get thrown out at the end of your event. Let your guests take things like food and flowers home, at their discretion. If people know they have permission from their host, it makes the idea of sharing much easier. You’ll feel much better knowing some of the things you’ve spent your money on won’t go to waste!

It’s become really important to do what we can for the environment and throwing eco-friendly events is a small part of that. Even if you choose just one of our suggestions, you can feel good knowing you’ve done what you can and enjoy your celebration even more. If you would love the help of an event planner, get in touch with us today and let’s create a forever memory!

an engagement ring in roses for valentine's day proposal ideas

Who doesn’t want to spend a day celebrating love? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take a moment to express your true feelings to the one you cherish. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas, read on for inspiration to make your partner feel really special – especially if you’re planning to propose!

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Start the day off right by surprising your partner with a tray of their favourite breakfast foods, such as coffee and waffles. If you’re feeling really loved up, you can boost the romance by adding a single red rose and a hand-written card alongside your tasty treats.

Dinner Reservation for Two

Do you both have a favourite place to eat? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to try somewhere with a cuisine and menu that you’ve never tried before. Now is your chance to surprise your partner with a Valentine’s Day dinner reservation they’ll always remember. Add a little mystery by not telling them where you’re planning on taking them for dinner! If you’re looking for a spot, here’s a list of the romantic dinner restaurants in Vancouver.

Go Hiking Together

There’s nothing like going on an adventure with your partner. If you both love the outdoors and being in nature, plan a local hike or somewhere new to explore for a little excursion. Whether it’s a hike or just finding a special spot, pack a lunch and find somewhere scenic to sit and enjoy the view, the peace and quiet, and each other’s company. Lucky for us Vancouverites, there are tons of winter trails to choose from!

couple overlooking a city on a hike with candles for a romantic valentine's day date

Watch a Movie and Snuggle

Watching a movie together with plenty of popcorn and snuggles is a relaxing way to spend your evening. If you both want to head out, check out what’s showing at your local cinema, and you might just find your new favourite film to watch together. It’s a classic for a reason and gives you something to talk about over dinner.

Cook your Partner’s Favourite Meal

Your partner may have a favourite meal, but have you ever cooked it for them? Test out your chef skills by preparing their most loved dish; it’s sure to make them feel very special and show them that you pay attention to the things they love.

Book a Getaway

We’re sure you both likely deserve an overnight trip or weekend away! Book someplace different and get away from your usual schedules for a relaxing break. Explore inspiring homes on Airbnb to find somewhere romantic to unwind together and make new memories. It might be just what your partner was hoping for!

Plan a Valentine’s Day Proposal

Perhaps it’s time to take your relationship a step further and a Valentine’s Day proposal is sure to make it a February 14th you’ll never forget. If you’ve been waiting to choose the right moment, there is no time like the present! Below are some tips to help set you up for success when planning a Valentine’s Day proposal.

Go Big or Small

Maybe you want to plan a huge proposal event to surprise your partner, or you’re not those kind people and would prefer something small and intimate. Both are wonderful event styles, but it’s important to plan an occasion that will best suit your partner, because you want them to give you a big ‘Yes!’ and remember this as one of the best nights of their life. That requires them to feel at their most comfortable.

person proposing to their partner on a beach through their engagement ring - one of our favourite valentine's day ideas

Do You Want Anyone Else There?

While proposing is one of the most intimate things that we do, some people plan to have carefully chosen friends or family members there when they get engaged. These should be people who are close to you both and make you feel comfortable and yourselves. They should have nothing but love for you and be in full support of your relationship. And they better know how to hold a camera steady. Planning a double date or couples’ night for Valentine’s Day might also be a good decoy to hide your proposal plan – more on this later. You can read all about a couple we helped plan a whole party for their proposal.

Revisit your First Date

Where did you first meet? Going back to the place you first met can be a beautiful way to set the mood. Or perhaps there is somewhere special you and your significant other love to visit or frequented while dating? Choosing a sentimental place will help create a proposal full of meaning. It provides a perfect moment for you both to see how far you’ve both come in your relationship, and what more perfect way to take it to the next phase than by getting engaged?

Plan a Decoy

Making your partner believe they have a completely different Valentine’s Day activity planned to what you actually have organised will make it the ultimate surprise proposal! We have a great blog post here all about how to create an illusion to pull off the big reveal.

We’re passionate about creating one-of-a-kind proposal settings and have a tonne of experience organising decoy plans.

Whether you’re looking for general Valentine’s Day ideas or planning a proposal, we love to take care of the logistics so you can spend more time getting excited about popping the big question. We’re also running a limited-time special offer on our Valentine’s Day Package! Get 20% off regular price and receive:

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