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a groom holding up his bride's wedding dress at a 2022 wedding

Congratulations, you’re planning a wedding! There are many things about your day that you can delegate to your partner or event planner, but (luckily) wedding dress shopping is not one of them. Odds are you already have an idea of what kind of dress you like, whether you have been scouring pinterest since you were 14 or you ended up watching Say Yes to the Dress when you claimed there was nothing better on TV.

It is so exciting to think that your perfect dream dress is out there waiting for you, but there are so many choices that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Wedding dress shopping should be a day (or weekend!) where you feel happy, loved, and absolutely beautiful. To make planning this event as stress free and fun as possible, we’ve done the research and put together the top 6 most important tips from brides and wedding planners to have the most success finding your dream wedding dress.

Research Types of Wedding Dress

We don’t mean staying-up-all-night-writing-your-thesis type of research, just spend a bit of time on pinterest and online dress websites so you have an idea of what kinds of dresses you like. Knowing the difference between a mermaid-style dress and a fit and flare dress is much simpler than trying to describe (or draw!) a shape when you get to the bridal shop.

several different wedding dresses ready to buy and try on

Bring some photos, know what you like and what you don’t like, but don’t overplan and certainly don’t rule anything out. Let yourself be surprised if you end up liking something that looks nothing like what you thought you wanted. Being open to trying different styles and colours will help you feel more confident that when you find the one, you’ll know.

Plan Your Hunt for the Perfect Wedding Dress

Making an appointment with a bridal consultant 9-12 months before the big day ensures you have enough time not only to find your wedding dress but also to alter it, which is often what takes the most time. Planning appointments within days of each other (or making a weekend out of it!) is recommended so the dresses you have tried on are fresh in your mind. You will also want to call the bridal shop before your appointment to let them know what styles you like. That way, they can have some dresses ready for you before you arrive. If you have a specific gown in mind find out if they have it ahead of time and let them know.

When you call the bridal salon, make sure you also ask about their COVID-19 precautions and protocol. Ask how many people you are welcome to bring, whether or not you need to wear a mask the entire time (and if they offer complimentary neutral-toned ones) and whether or not they have sanitizing wipes available for you to use.

Be Prepared

There is nothing worse than getting somewhere and realizing you forgot something you needed. This is why packing a special “dress shopping” bag is so important and will help ease your stress. In it you want to make sure you have:

—underwear and a bra similar to what you think you’ll be wearing on your wedding day

—heels similar in height to the ones you will be wearing

—a simple neutral-coloured mask that won’t draw attention away from you or the dresses

—any accessories you are thinking of wearing on your wedding day, especially if you want to build your look around a specific item or piece of jewelry

—your favourite snack

—any hair products you might need to touch up your look

—your favourite hand sanitizer—preferably one that does not leave residue on your hands

—anything else you think you might want to bring

If there is a remote chance you might need something, bring it. You’re always better safe than sorry. (Better make it a big bag!)

Get Excited!

This day is all about you, so if you have the opportunity to plan an entire day for yourself, do it!

Have your hair and makeup done in a way similar to what you would like on your big day. Accuracy is not important here, it’s more about the style (hair down/updo/half up, half down etc.) and feeling confident and beautiful. You don’t want to be hungry when dress shopping so make sure to eat and to do something fun before your appointment. It is so important to be in the right mindset and to feel good about yourself when you’re trying on dresses. You also want to choose your posse carefully; bring people you have fun with who have your best interest at heart.

Document Each Dress

Take pictures! Take notes! Have someone take one or two good pictures of you in all the dresses you try on and don’t delete any. As you are trying them on, sort them into different folders so you can show bridal stylists which you like and which you dislike. It also helps to come up with nicknames so you can refer to dresses quickly within your group.

Trust Your Gut

This is the most important piece of advice you will ever receive about your wedding. Trust your gut. No one knows you better than you know yourself and if you get a good or bad feeling about any dress, trust it. At the end of the day your feelings and opinions are the only ones that matter. Your wedding, your dress, your decision.

Unfortunately, trying on wedding dresses and feeling beautiful is not the only thing you need to do before getting married. (How amazing would that be though?!) Thankfully, YouForever is here to guide you step-by-step with ideas and planning because we want to make sure that the day you marry your forever person will become a forever memory.

Whether it’s a wedding, rehearsal dinner, engagement or anniversary, birthday or graduation, get in touch today and let’s plan your perfect day!

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Day of wedding coordinator

Wedding planners wear many hats, and one of the most vital is that of day-of wedding coordinator. This role is essential in making sure your special day goes off without a single unplanned surprise.

What is a Day-of Wedding Coordinator?

Your big day is about you and your partner. The coordinator’s main job is to make sure you do nothing but enjoy the day in whatever way you choose. They achieve this by planning and coordinating the wedding in advance and being there on the day to see it happens in the correct sequence.

A Wedding Coordinator’s Duties

  • Oversees the wedding rehearsal.
  • Creates a detailed itinerary and floor plan.
  • Acts as your point person on the wedding day.
  • Addresses any last-minute details and additions.
  • Checks in with the vendors to review their contracts and confirm logistics.
  • Helps to organize and transfer items from the ceremony to the reception.
  • Does a final walkthrough of the ceremony and reception venues.


Mr and mrs signs on chairs at a wedding

Photo by Guanfranco G on Unsplash

What’s the difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner?

While a wedding planner helps you plan the whole affair from the get go, a wedding coordinator will be there with you from four to eight weeks before the wedding. They check all of the details in the lead up to the wedding, confirming vendors, seating plans, timings, and anything else either you or your event planner have decided on. They will then attend on the day of and coordinate the wedding so that your only job is to have an incredible day.

When to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

It fits your budget

Budget naturally plays a role in all aspects of wedding planning. Hiring a full-service wedding planner means someone is by your side at every stage of planning and on the day. But, if you can’t afford a full-service planner, a coordinator can be more cost effective. If it’s within budget, hiring a wedding coordinator will make the event effortless for you. You part with the money so that any last-minute problems fall on someone else’s shoulders.

You just want to relax on the day

You can start your day relaxing, having an easy breakfast, getting your hair just right, taking the time to enjoy a drink with your bridal party or groomsmen as you get ready, then allow yourself to be guided through the day carefree.

Your wedding calls for it

If you’re having an intimate backyard wedding and your uncle is manning the bar, you probably don’t need a coordinator. However, if you’re looking to wrangle over a hundred guests at a large venue, have a bunch of musical cues, multiple hired caterers, or a handful of musicians, you may need someone to spin all those plates.

You’ve chosen an untraditional venue

The staff at traditional wedding venues know how to go with the flow of a big day with little supervision. If you’ve chosen a location that doesn’t regularly host weddings you might need a coordinator to organize the staff.

You’ve planned the event yourselves

Some couples will opt to plan their own wedding and then pass off the logistics to the day-of coordinator a month or two before the wedding. Despite your best efforts, you probably haven’t thought of everything and this is where a coordinator can tie up and last-minute loose ends.

So, do you think a coordinator fits with your plans, or a full-service wedding planner? At You Forever, we can do both. Get in touch with us today and let’s get started!

And, if you’re newly engaged, take a look at our next article on choosing the perfect wedding dress.

minoru park richmond bc

Planning an outdoor wedding? Here are 7 unique wedding venues in and around Vancouver that each has a special charm. Whether you imagine your wedding to be more rustic and natural or white and traditional, you are sure to find a venue among this list that suits your style.

Maan Farms (Abbotsford)

At Maan Farms you can have your ceremony overlooking Mt. Baker. Your photos will be taken among the luscious green forest and grape vines. Then have your wedding reception in the most beautiful antique barn. The white and wood of the barn paired with twinkle lights and elegant floral centrepieces is neutral and chic. Thus, any colours or décor you choose will fit in seamlessly, while standing out. The covered patio assures that rain or shine your guests will be able to eat, drink and dance the night away. They have a full wedding info package online so you can estimate costs without making any calls or emails. They also offer free wedding tours.

Earthwise Society Agassiz Venue (Delta)

You are greeted by beautifully manicured gardens when you arrive at the Earthwise Society’s Agassiz Venue. These gardens surround a rustic heritage farmhouse and barn. You can choose between three ceremony venues: the Garden, the Orchard or the Cedar Grove. Each venue its own unique component. Since it is a certified organic farm and garden, Earthwise Agassiz can cater for your event with home-grown produce and handle the flowers if you wish.

Hopcott Farms (Pitt Meadows)

Hopcott Farms is a local working farm that offers up its verdant fields, mountain views and charming red barn to one couple per weekend. This gives you peace of mind in terms of rehearsal, set up, take down, and photos! This charming venue has packages that include everything you might need for your wedding and more.

Stanley Park Pavilion (Vancouver)

If you are looking for wedding locations in Vancouver, you know the Stanley Park Pavilion is a classy venue that hosts spectacular weddings. Though not specifically outdoors, getting married at the Stanley Park Pavilion gives you and your guests the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the forest and grounds of the most iconic park in Vancouver. The outside of the pavilion is a home-style heritage lodge surrounded by incredible gardens and a classy fountain. While the inside houses stunning white walls and traditional hardwood floors which welcome any theme or décor you envision. Since it is so popular, you will definitely have to book your wedding in advance. But trust us – it is definitely worth the wait.

The Chapel Group Parks

If you are looking for more wedding locations closer to Vancouver, The Chapel Group offers personalised services at their beautiful chapels located in three iconic Vancouver and Richmond parks.

The Chapel at Stanley Park

Stanley Park is huge, and though the Pavilion is a much-loved wedding venue, it is not your only option. The Chapel at Stanley Park allows you to have an intimate ceremony with your closest family and friends. Then you can also enjoy all your favourite familiar Stanley Park hot spots. The seawall, the beautiful gardens, the beaches and the endless paths and trails. Just imagine how incredible your wedding photos will be! Though many people get married here, the possibilities for making your wedding unique and beautiful are endless.

Queen Elizabeth Park

If you’re looking for a contemporary wedding venue, look no further. The Chapel at Queen Elizabeth Park is located at the highest elevation which allows for stunning views of the gardens and the mountains. Its main feature is the retractable glass wall which creates a stunning natural backdrop. You and your guests will love the beautiful walkways, fountains and garden where you can take pictures and enjoy one of Vancouver’s most scenic parks, all while celebrating a special day of love.

Minoru Park

This lovely white historic chapel at Minoru Park was built back in 1891 and has not lost any of its beauty or charm. A photographer’s dream, the park features the blooming Pierrefond Gardens as well as quaint ponds, breathtaking waterfalls and stunning walking paths nestled among the trees. When looking at the wooden chapel nestled among luscious green trees you’ll think you’ve stumbled upon the set for a Nicholas Sparks movie. It’s simple, traditional and oh so romantic.

When you look back on your wedding day, the most important thing you will want to remember is the way you felt. The excitement you felt arriving at your venue, how intimate and close you felt with your partner when you were taking pictures, how in love and close you felt while exchanging vows. These are the things you will want to remember regardless of where you got married. As usual, our advice is to trust your gut. When you are visiting wedding venues, where do you get the best feeling? Which location gets you most excited? Focus on those feelings and the rest will work itself out. Happy venue hunting!

Whether it’s a wedding, rehearsal dinner, engagement or anniversary, get in touch with You Forever today and let’s plan your forever memory!