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How to Pull Off a Surprise Event to Make Your Partner’s Day

partner with hands over her eyes for a surprise event

Congratulations! You have something to celebrate – an anniversary, a proposal, Valentine’s Day, maybe a birthday or some great news. Let us help you plan it as a surprise like no other and give your partner, family or friends the event they’ll remember, and you deserve.

Don’t Settle for a Small Surprise

When you’re looking to execute the perfect surprise, you can find all kinds of suggestions online for stunning locations, picnic spread ideas, couples massage recommendations and AirBnB getaways. At You Forever, we believe in going the extra mile and delivering an event just as you picture it. We’ll provide you with personalized recommendations and a fully serviced event of whatever scale you choose. Whether you prefer to manage each detail of the occasion or give us a theme and let us plan the rest, we guarantee the only surprises will be happy ones.

Setting Your Partner Up for a Surprise Event

Our clients always get excited about an upcoming event but want to create a buildup rather than give the surprise away. We can help there too. Having done this before, and with several sweet tales to recount, we think that creating a ruse to help throw off any scent of the grand plan is a must.

We’ve created a business out of knowing both the magic and the realities of planning surprises and two factors can come up as potential problems. If it’s an anniversary, birthday or another annual event:

  • they know that this date is coming up
  • they know your way of doing things

While these factors make surprising your partner a bit of a challenge, they’re also what you can lean into to create misdirection! Magicians are known to apply similar strategies to get big reactions.


Better than one big explosion is a delightful scattering or a buildup to something grand. So, our first set of ideas belong in the pre-surprise phase (2-3 days before the event).

– Ask them misleading questions that lead them to make ‘obvious’ gift assumptions.

Example: “Do you like any TV show enough to buy their merch?”

– Use their computer to make random searches for gift ideas.

Example : “home spa ideas summer”

– Leave some old photos and some stationery lying around, “accidentally on purpose.”


Add a bit of drama, like a hushed conversation with “customer care” over a delayed delivery. You’re playing this up so your actual plans don’t cross your person’s mind.


Plan a smaller surprise before the bigger one. Your significant other gets a small bonus, and their expectations are managed before you exceed them wildly. We can suggest some ideas on this front too!


Be prepared to document your chosen surprise with pictures and video! Let us know if we can help here too as an additional service.

Why Choose You Forever?

When you leave the planning to us, we can guarantee the look on your partner’s face will be worth it. Stories about surprises tend to be about the little things you had to keep anxiously hidden, the intricate planning, near misses and last-minute final touches. All that fuss is what we enjoy, as our team’s passion is to help create a memory you can cherish and recount to friends and family in years to come.

Do you like the way we think? We have plenty of other tricks up our sleeves! Let’s partner up and pull off your surprise together.

September 23, 2021 By Domenica Kozy


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