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Couple entering their engagement party

It’s time to pop some bubbly and celebrate the news­–you’re getting married! The knee has been bent, the ring is on your finger, the “YES” has been emphatically stated. Planning an event is the perfect way to share your excitement with friends and family, and we’ve got great engagement party ideas below to help you get started.

Pick Your Host

First things first, decide who will be planning your engagement party event. It can be you and your partner, or anyone you both trust and who will be happy to arrange the details. They can deal with vendors and location managers, then do all of the heavy lifting of hosting the event so that you get to relax and enjoy it. If you’re looking to do something really special, this is the perfect moment to hire a party planner to create an event to remember.

Set the Date for Your Engagement Party

You’ll both be feeling excited from your good news, so we believe there is no time like the present to celebrate! Choose a date for the party that’s within the first few months of getting engaged. You want it to be close to the proposal to keep it relevant and before you all your focus is needed for planning a wedding­.

Create the Guestlist

It’s always best to have a smaller engagement party full of people you’ll be inviting to the wedding too. That way, you have a great place to start when planning your wedding guestlist. If someone else is hosting for you, always discuss the guests with them too so you’re happy with who will be joining the celebrations.

bridesmaids all putting their hands together in a show of support

Choose a Suitable Venue

Look for a venue that will have the right amount of space for all your guests and think about how formal or casual you want it to be. It might be a private function at a restaurant or hotel, or a smaller engagement party at your house. It could be somewhere that takes you back to a certain time in your relationship. If you’ve enlisted the help of a professional party planner, they’ll have helpful suggestions ready to help you choose!

Set Up a Gift Registry

As soon as your loved ones hear the good news, they will want to send you gifts to show they’re excited for you! It’s a great idea to set up gift registry and have it ready before the invites go out for your engagement party. Your guests will appreciate the organization and will help them know the best way to say congratulations.

Send Out Engagement Party Invitations

The invites should reflect the style of the event, so your guests know what style of event to expect. It will help them plan accordingly by dressing appropriately, knowing if they can bring their children, and if they can bring a date. Send out traditional paper invites or beautifully designed paperless invites using websites such as Paperless Post.

Give at least a month’s notice for an engagement party and remember to add the RSVP with a date. The RSVP date gives a deadline for you to know who will be attending in advance, which means less time spent following up with prospective guests, and more time to organize catering and other details.

Book Your Vendors

When you have an idea of guest numbers and have a venue booked, you or your host can arrange some of the fun details of the engagement party. Think about how you would like to set the scene. Maybe you like the idea of a themed event, or to keep it simple with some flower arrangements and candles for ambiance.

someone pouring a glass of champagne

More importantly, figure out what you’ll be feeding your guests. Depending on the size of your event, plan out a menu for a dinner event or appetizers for a more informal gathering. Also, if you’d like to capture all your loved ones being in one place, don’t forget to book a local event photographer!

Consider Special Moments

Your engagement party is the ideal time and place to formally ask your best man and maid of honour if they will be a part of your wedding, along with groomsmen and bridesmaids. If you have someone unconventional you would like to walk you down the aisle, or a loved one you might even want to preside over the wedding, that’s an option too. It’s up to you whether you want these to be intimate moments with the individuals or share the excitement with everyone.

Now you have the know-how to planning an engagement party, you might be excited to start organizing right away. If you’re looking for further guidance to make it happen, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to hear how we can make your event extra special!

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hosting an eco-friendly event with recycling bins full by the beach

We’re all much more aware of our impact on the planet these days, so you might discuss eco-friendly events when you meet with an event planner. Planning a great event doesn’t mean you need to use endless single-use plastics or require throwing out a ton of waste. With some tips below, we’ll help you make some intentional choices for a successful and environmentally friendly celebration!

Choosing Sustainable Venues for Eco-Friendly Events

A great place to start is choosing a venue that values sustainability. Be bold and ask your potential venues what they are actively doing to help our planet. Ask who their suppliers or caterers are. Do they work with local and seasonal farms? And do they have ways of conserving water? The more emphasis on what they do to reduce the impact on the environment the better. If you want complete control over how eco-friendly your event is, consider a backyard celebration.

Go Plastic Free for a Green Event

Making some simple switches to plastic-free alternatives is an easy win for eco-friendly events. We’ve all seen the heartbreaking effects of plastic straws and bottles in the ocean, so swap plastic straws and cutlery for stainless steel, wood or paper.

stainless steel cutlery for eco-friendly events

Ditch balloons and opt for natural décor instead, like dried floral confetti or paper streamers. Rent glassware and dinnerware that can be washed and reused. Find out if you can buy food from a local farm that uses industry best practices. Make these choices and you are well on your way to an eco-friendly event!

Be Creative With Your Party Favours

A really fun part of planning events is choosing favours for your guests. Get your creative cap on and think about some small gestures that are both meaningful and something your guests can get excited about. Perhaps it could be something edible, like candies or gourmet snacks from sustainable sources and in reusable containers. You could also include customized, reusable bags or even flower seed packets for the bees! If you can find something that doubles up as a gift and benefits the environment, it will make you feel really positive about your choices.

Suggest Car Pooling or Travel Links

Have you thought about how you and your guests are going to arrive at the event? We all know that we need to avoid fossil fuels where possible to create a greener planet, so it’s definitely worth thinking about transportation. To reduce the number of cars being used, you could ask your guests to share cars. You could even give a small gift to the designated driver as an incentive. This will not only reduce the number of vehicles being used but will also make sure you have plenty of parking available too—a win-win for your eco-friendly event.

family on a bus

Alternatively, you could include train and bus links to your home when you invite people to plant the seed of attending without driving. The bonus here is that everyone coming can have a drink without worrying about driving.

Make Recycling a Team Effort

Depending on where you are having your event, express how important it is that venue staff and guests recycle throughout the day. Communicate by creating labelled areas and stations for your guests to place their separate items to be recycled. It could be for glass or even a place for composting your food waste. Explain that you would like everyone to be mindful about where they are throwing trash and not to litter. If you have already picked a venue with sustainable values, the waiting staff should already have this covered. Depending on the event, you may be handling clean up yourself; if you’re planning your event in Vancouver, you have plenty of places to recycle.

Share With Your Guests

You might have an abundance of food left over, or lots of arranged flowers sitting pretty that don’t deserve to get thrown out at the end of your event. Let your guests take things like food and flowers home, at their discretion. If people know they have permission from their host, it makes the idea of sharing much easier. You’ll feel much better knowing some of the things you’ve spent your money on won’t go to waste!

It’s become really important to do what we can for the environment and throwing eco-friendly events is a small part of that. Even if you choose just one of our suggestions, you can feel good knowing you’ve done what you can and enjoy your celebration even more. If you would love the help of an event planner, get in touch with us today and let’s create a forever memory!

an engagement ring in roses for valentine's day proposal ideas

Who doesn’t want to spend a day celebrating love? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take a moment to express your true feelings to the one you cherish. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas, read on for inspiration to make your partner feel really special – especially if you’re planning to propose!

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Start the day off right by surprising your partner with a tray of their favourite breakfast foods, such as coffee and waffles. If you’re feeling really loved up, you can boost the romance by adding a single red rose and a hand-written card alongside your tasty treats.

Dinner Reservation for Two

Do you both have a favourite place to eat? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to try somewhere with a cuisine and menu that you’ve never tried before. Now is your chance to surprise your partner with a Valentine’s Day dinner reservation they’ll always remember. Add a little mystery by not telling them where you’re planning on taking them for dinner! If you’re looking for a spot, here’s a list of the romantic dinner restaurants in Vancouver.

Go Hiking Together

There’s nothing like going on an adventure with your partner. If you both love the outdoors and being in nature, plan a local hike or somewhere new to explore for a little excursion. Whether it’s a hike or just finding a special spot, pack a lunch and find somewhere scenic to sit and enjoy the view, the peace and quiet, and each other’s company. Lucky for us Vancouverites, there are tons of winter trails to choose from!

couple overlooking a city on a hike with candles for a romantic valentine's day date

Watch a Movie and Snuggle

Watching a movie together with plenty of popcorn and snuggles is a relaxing way to spend your evening. If you both want to head out, check out what’s showing at your local cinema, and you might just find your new favourite film to watch together. It’s a classic for a reason and gives you something to talk about over dinner.

Cook your Partner’s Favourite Meal

Your partner may have a favourite meal, but have you ever cooked it for them? Test out your chef skills by preparing their most loved dish; it’s sure to make them feel very special and show them that you pay attention to the things they love.

Book a Getaway

We’re sure you both likely deserve an overnight trip or weekend away! Book someplace different and get away from your usual schedules for a relaxing break. Explore inspiring homes on Airbnb to find somewhere romantic to unwind together and make new memories. It might be just what your partner was hoping for!

Plan a Valentine’s Day Proposal

Perhaps it’s time to take your relationship a step further and a Valentine’s Day proposal is sure to make it a February 14th you’ll never forget. If you’ve been waiting to choose the right moment, there is no time like the present! Below are some tips to help set you up for success when planning a Valentine’s Day proposal.

Go Big or Small

Maybe you want to plan a huge proposal event to surprise your partner, or you’re not those kind people and would prefer something small and intimate. Both are wonderful event styles, but it’s important to plan an occasion that will best suit your partner, because you want them to give you a big ‘Yes!’ and remember this as one of the best nights of their life. That requires them to feel at their most comfortable.

person proposing to their partner on a beach through their engagement ring - one of our favourite valentine's day ideas

Do You Want Anyone Else There?

While proposing is one of the most intimate things that we do, some people plan to have carefully chosen friends or family members there when they get engaged. These should be people who are close to you both and make you feel comfortable and yourselves. They should have nothing but love for you and be in full support of your relationship. And they better know how to hold a camera steady. Planning a double date or couples’ night for Valentine’s Day might also be a good decoy to hide your proposal plan – more on this later. You can read all about a couple we helped plan a whole party for their proposal.

Revisit your First Date

Where did you first meet? Going back to the place you first met can be a beautiful way to set the mood. Or perhaps there is somewhere special you and your significant other love to visit or frequented while dating? Choosing a sentimental place will help create a proposal full of meaning. It provides a perfect moment for you both to see how far you’ve both come in your relationship, and what more perfect way to take it to the next phase than by getting engaged?

Plan a Decoy

Making your partner believe they have a completely different Valentine’s Day activity planned to what you actually have organised will make it the ultimate surprise proposal! We have a great blog post here all about how to create an illusion to pull off the big reveal.

We’re passionate about creating one-of-a-kind proposal settings and have a tonne of experience organising decoy plans.

Whether you’re looking for general Valentine’s Day ideas or planning a proposal, we love to take care of the logistics so you can spend more time getting excited about popping the big question. We’re also running a limited-time special offer on our Valentine’s Day Package! Get 20% off regular price and receive:

  • A personal Planner who works closely with you to organize & design your dream proposal up to a minimum of 48hrs.
  • A personalized photo presentation of what you envision
  • Privately curated suitable vendors
  • Organization of all bookings
  • Itinerary of proposal day
  • A personal planner who executes a full proposal set up and is available on-site throughout the entire event.
  • A planner who is available for unlimited communication (emails, texts, or phone calls) throughout the planning process.

Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help create your forever memories!

Find out how to make any of your events eco-friendly.

a smiling bride being walked down the aisle as planned at her wedding ceremony

You’ve landed your dream partner, but now it’s time to create your dream ceremony! It’s your wedding day and planning it can be daunting, but don’t worry, we’re here to help put your mind at ease and find out exactly how to make your day perfect. After all, you never know how to plan a wedding until you need to. Follow the tips below to start planning your wedding ceremony today.

Choosing a Wedding Date

First things first, you’re probably wondering how long it takes to plan a wedding. If you’re not having a quick elopement, choose a date that is at least six months away. Six months is the minimum amount of time you need to plan a perfect wedding.

Six months allows you enough time to make sure the people you want to hire are available, and it’s polite to give your chosen guests plenty of time to organize their calendars. It allows them time to plan ahead – especially if they need to consider travel and vacation time from work.

Also, the first question your event planner, wedding venue and vendors will all ask you is the date you plan to marry. Although, your wedding planner can help you decide on a wedding date. It’s the first step before everything else can fall into place.

Know Your Wedding Budget

Having a budget in mind will quickly help you and your partner understand what type of wedding ceremony you would like, the venues you’re able to afford and what you would like to include in your day.

Every wedding is different, and costs can vary greatly depending on what you’re looking for. It’s a good idea to make a detailed spreadsheet of everything you would like to include – catering, decorations, venue, entertainment, travel ­– and an estimated budget allocated to each category. This will quickly guide you in your decision making and help you visualize an order to the events and when they need to be booked.

Send Out ‘Save the Date’ Invites

We’re sure you have a list of special people in your life you want to be at your ceremony! Write down their names and count the number of people. The number of potential guests, even if it’s a rough figure, will instantly give you clarity on the style of event you’ll need to organize, as well as the amount of space required.

couple celebrating their wedding day with lots of guests and balloons

Once you’ve settled on the guestlist, send out your ‘Save the Date’ invites as soon as possible. The earlier your guests know your chosen date, the higher chance they will be able to attend.

Choosing a Wedding Venue

When planning a wedding you need to think about where you want your special ceremony to take place. You might imagine saying ‘I do’ under the stars, barefoot on the beach, or somewhere quiet and cozy. Let your imagination run wild! Whatever you picture, knowing a location or wedding venue will help you to move forward with creating your perfect scenario. It’s wise to have a few places in mind, just in case your first choice isn’t available on the set date.

If you know the area you want to marry but are unsure how to find a place to set up you and your partner’s big moment, a wedding planner or nearby venue will have plenty of options for you to choose from. Read our blog on beautiful Vancouver wedding venues to get inspired!

Arrange a Seating Plan

Making a seating plan can seem overwhelming and complicated, but keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to arrange one. The best way to start arranging a seating plan is to roughly draw out the layout of your ceremony or download a typical layout from the internet. Write down the names of where you would like people to sit.

Depending on how casual the set up will be, close family should have reserved seats at the front. This is especially important for family members who may be walking you down the aisle or giving you away. There’s usually a head table for your closest family and wedding party, then the smaller tables will be listed and on display near the entrance so everyone can find their seats.

Consider Special Details When Planning a Wedding

Now you have a plan formed, you can start thinking about other important and exciting details. What song would you like to walk down the aisle to? What flowers would you like to hold? This can be the really fun part between you and your partner. Choose smaller details that feel meaningful and reflect your relationship. It’s a magical time for your guests to get to know you both and what you love. Whether its classic styles or a quirkier taste, on a beach or in your back yard, don’t be afraid to show off your personality on a day that is all about the both of you!

a happy couple kissing at their wedding ceremony with guests holding sparklers

If you’re left feeling overwhelmed and need guidance on making it all happen, we’re here to help every step of the way. We can make your perfect wedding ceremony happen by taking care of everything big and small. Get ready to make your forever memories and get in touch with us today!

Are you trying to figure out how to plan a birthday party and have an ambitious vision? Hire a party planner and have them take care of all the details so you can do more celebrating and less organizing.

Keep an eye out for the following when choosing your planner and you’re sure to find someone who can bring your birthday dreams to life in no time at all!

Great Reviews

It’s so important to check out feedback from past customers who have used the party planner you’re thinking of choosing. A quick way to find feedback is by searching for reviews on their website, social media and Google search listing. A good planner will have testimonials across all their channels, including front and centre on their homepage!

Dive in and see if you can find any compliments that relate to the kind of birthday party you’re thinking of hosting. Maybe people have commended them on their ability to handle a large-scale event or perhaps there are concrete examples of ways they went above and beyond for their clients—all will reassure you that they’re the right planner to carry out your event!

Relevant Party Planning Experience

There are lots of different types of birthday party. Whether you’re looking to host a kid’s party, a celebration for an adult or a corporate birthday event, make sure you pick a planner that has plenty of experience organizing the kind of event you want.

people enjoying a huge party thanks to a party planner

Some planners might specialize in children’s parties or adult parties—others can do them all! The bottom line is they need to know how to plan a birthday party that you would want to attend. Is it a surprize birthday for someone else? Either way, there are different considerations to be made for each and you need to be sure your planner can pull off the big day.

Gather all the evidence you can about the planner and their past services, and question whether their experience resonates with what you’re looking for. Get it right and you will feel confident enough to hand over the responsibility to create the event of your dreams.

Inspirational Suggestions 

Even though you already have lots of ideas about the birthday party you would like, it’s useful if your planner has some unique suggestions about how you can make your party bespoke to the person you’re celebrating. There will be many challenges, so having a planner bring you inspirational ideas while taking care of the logistics too makes being a part of the planning much more fun.

people drinking at an amazing birthday party event

Your planner might ask you about details that may not have crossed your mind yet. This is a great sign that they already have your best interests covered. From bespoke favours to entertainment or unique menu suggestions, they will take your imagination to the next level and find a way to make your outlandish ideas a reality!

Free Vancouver Party Planner Consultation

The best party planners will arrange a complimentary meeting with you to get a real flavour for the type of party you want to throw. It’s the perfect moment to share your story and ideas, as well as a chance to get to know the planner better.

Ideally, the planner should make you feel heard and say all the right things to get you feeling excited about your celebration. If they come across as disinterested or don’t seem fully engaged, maybe they’re not the right planner for you.

You’ll have lots of burning questions and this consultation is a wonderful way to have them answered up front. Ask them anything from pragmatic questions about seating to the fun stuff like what you and your guests will be eating!

You’ve guessed it­­ – we offer a free consultation! Book with us today and we can share all the ways we can create your dream event, so you can make a forever memory. If you need a Vancouver party planner, you know who to call. We can’t wait to meet you!

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a senior couple getting engaged at a custom engagement party event

The key to a personalized engagement event is to get to know the couple as a couple, as well as who they are as individuals. Once you understand what makes them who they are you start having all kinds of engagement party ideas. You can include elements of each of them in the decorations, activities and food for their engagement party or event.

Reconnecting With an Old Love

In November of 2018, I had a gentleman in his 70s reach out to me to plan an intimate engagement for his high school sweetheart whom, until 2017, he hadn’t seen since they graduated from high school in 1969. The gentleman told me that they had both lost their partners back in 2014 and 2015 due to illnesses. When they ran into each other at a coffee shop in the middle of downtown Vancouver they just knew it was a sign for them to reconnect.


senior couple in a coffee shop

That first encounter, after 52 years, was very significant to both of them together and individually. At the beginning they just reconnected as old friends and as the months went by they realized that spark from 52 years ago was still there, and they didn’t want to waste another moment without being together.

An Engagement Plan 50 Years in the Making

After hearing this beautiful love story, the gentleman and I brainstormed on what kind of engagement plan would represent them as a couple and individually. It came down to the theme of going back in time.

For this specific engagement, we worked with both of their families on decoration as he wanted something simple but special. We started by getting pictures from their albums, so that we could create a timeline with their most treasured memories, starting with individual portraits of them and down the line showing pictures of them together and ending with current pictures. The gentleman wanted to do this surprise proposal in his backyard to make it as intimate as possible. We hired a company to build a rectangular frame so that we could hang the fairy lights and attach the string of pictures to give the effect of walking along memory lane. On the grass we had red rose petals that were brought in from Ecuador specifically for this intimate engagement party.

A Wonderful Success

As I was setting up his backyard, the couple went for dinner at her favourite sushi restaurant. I did a quick sound and light check and had everything ready for their arrival. We had the family hidden, we had champagne in an ice bucket and music was ready to be played from the minute she walked in. When the couple walked into the house and went to the backyard, she started crying happy tears as the gentleman took her hand and guided her through the aisle so that they could go back in time together. When they reached the end of the photos, he pulled out an engagement ring and proposed. The happy couple and their families celebrated such a special occasion that became a forever memory.

Engagament party in garden


Making that couple’s day perfect, those happy tears and helping them celebrate their love after a lifetime apart is why we do what we do. If you are looking for engagement party ideas – an intimate proposal dinner, help choosing an engagement ring, or have already popped the question and want to crack open the champagne with your closest people at an engagement party – we want to help. Get in touch today and we’ll do our best to make your story as special as this one.

For more engagement party ideas, we’ve written a full article on the fundamentals here.